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Basketball Drills for Kids - An Easy Guide

Basketball Drills for Kids – An Easy Guide

The main purpose of basketball drills is to help the player become skillful and knowledgeable about the game. Teaching basketball drills to kids is not an easy task. The coach’s method of teaching them should be simple and understandable. Unlike facilitating a group of adult players, dealing with kids require both patience and techniques to make it effective.By nature kids love to play games. They like to have fun and sometimes, they like to show the best they got to compete with other players. So when teaching them the basic drills of basketball game, it is important that the coach makes them feel that it is a fun learning experience for them. Otherwise, they will find the sport boring and will be uninterested to play. HR elearning . Kids think that basketball is just all about shooting the ball so it is vital that that we educate them about it, and also the benefits of playing this sport to their emotional, mental, and physical development. The following are the basic drills for kids that can be useful while facilitating them.DribblingDribbling drill is a critical and an essential skill to learn. It will help develop the kids’ flexibility of handling and controlling the ball either on the left hand or right hand. There are two types of dribbling techniques that usually work for kids – the Speed Dribble and Control Dribble. It is more enjoyable for them to learn this drill if the coach let them practice by dribbling with right hand while running to the end of the basketball court and then return dribbling the ball using the left hand. You can make it more fun by making it like a game competition. For example, whoever is the fastest dribbler or returns at the start line the fastest wins a prize. This will be learning challenge for them.PassingPassing drill will help teach the kids how to share the ball to other players especially when the ball is on their possession. Each kid must be taught the variations on how to pass the ball: chest pass, bounce pass, one-hand pass, side pass, and over-the-head pass. To practice this drill, the coach can have the kids form a line facing a passing partner on the basketball court. The players should stand five feet apart and give one player a ball. The passer should be instructed to bounce the ball to his or her partner using both hands and then try to get the ball to another player in one bounce.ShootingShooting drill can be the most difficult skill to teach especially to a kid. This drill should be taught with proper technique. It is important to teach each kid the correct posture, arm angle, eye focus and follow through. The basic technique of the shooting drill must be taught to them so they will know how to properly shoot the ball. Shooting the ball into the hoop is important but it should be done in the most natural and almost effortless way. carrera de fotografia . Practicing this drill can be done by dividing the players into teams and then let each of them shoot the ball into the basket. Whichever team gets the higher score, wins a reward.

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